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Terry Fullerton Joins FKS as Head Guru

Formula Kart Stars are delighted to announce that Terry Fullerton will join FKS as Head Guru for the Championship next year.

Terry has a storied career in karting, which includes racing wheel to wheel with the late, great Ayrton Senna. Terry raced in the 70’s and was Senna’s teammate and biggest rival.

So much so, Senna said racing against Fullerton gave him the most satisfaction, “I would have to go back to 78, 79 and 1980, when I was Go Kart driving, as a team mate for Fullerton. He was very experienced and I enjoyed driving with him, because he was fast, he was consistent, he was for me a very complete driver.”

“It was pure driving, pure racing, there wasn’t any politics, there wasn’t any money either. It was real racing and I have that as a very good memory.” This famous comment by Senna, was actually featured in the Senna movie.

Speaking about joining FKS as Head Guru, Terry said, “I am delighted to be joining Formula Kart Stars for their new and exciting Championship in 2015.”

“The format we are providing will enable competitors to compete on a truly level playing field within a controlled environment, giving each competitor an equal chance of showcasing their talent. With the added support of the F1 teams and Formula One Management, drivers have a real chance to stake their claims as Formula 1 drivers of the future.”

Chairman of FKS, Carolynn Hoy commented, “Having Terry on board for next season is excellent news. The addition of him to our team continues to cement FKS as the best Karting platform for aspiring racing drivers. The karting knowledge and input that Terry will be able to provide to our competitors will be a huge boost to their careers.”

Each of the four FKS classes will have an experienced guru on hand to provide advice and guidance for the young competitors. Terry will be the Head Guru and will be able to part his vast experience and knowledge on to the FKS drivers.