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International Kart Racing Competitions

Karting is a motorsport discipline that is practiced with karts on circuits called Kaerodromes, which are between 600 and 1700 meters long, and a width of between 8 and 15 meters. Given its characteristics, the kart is the most excellent form of training of drivers: it is usually the first car in which candidates for racing drivers debut, at ages as early as the age of five.

The World Karting Championship is the highest event of the discipline. It takes place every year in a different country, under the auspices of the ick-FIA (the ick is supervised by the International Sports Commission of the ick). The Premier karting event has been held since 2016 in the OK category, which has been open to drivers since 2017 from the age of 14 (previously 15).

Until 2011, the best drivers in the world competed for the title over an extended weekend, from Thursday to Sunday, including practice sessions, qualifying rounds, pre-finals, and finals. Starting in 2011, the championship is played in several races in different countries instead of a single 1, before returning to a unique event in 2014.

In 2016, the KF1 and KF2 categories were replaced by the OK and OK-Junior types (the latter opened to drivers from the age of 12 in 2017), reverting to machines without clutch and starter2,3. The OK karts are equipped with 2-time engines with liquid cooling of 125 cm3 developing about 40 hp (limited to 16 000 rpm).

A KZ 125 cm3 speed karts World Championship is also held annually.

Karting Globe Championship Categories

In the 1980s (from 1981 to 1989), the world championship was played with 135 CC of Formula Karts. Before as well as hereafter duration, 100 cc kart with direct management was the norm. In 2007, a regulatory modification introduced the classification kf1 Kart, 125 cc Kart geared up with starters for an electrical, clutch and also rate limiters set at 16,000 rpm, to change formula KART.the 2010 edition was made with KF2 Kart where the engine speed is restricted to 15,000 rpm. [3]]

The FIA World Karting Championship categories are currently split right into three significant households: direct karts, gear karts as well as Superkarts. All these karts have the same innovation as the two-stroke engine. Given that 2016, the brand-new generation of first Kart (OK) has replaced the old KF engines. The highest possible group ALRIGHT in the World Champion is readily available for chauffeurs from 14 years of the year in which they participate. The JUNIOR group OK is for chauffeurs between the ages of 12 as well as 14. The KZ and KZ2 categories have the same specifications except for the chassis and also open brakes for the KZ World Champion. The Superkart category is the most uncommon karting self-control, as it can be revealed only on long auto racing tracks. With their full bodywork as well as 250 CC of two-cylinder engines, which create nearly 100 HP, these Superkart are capable of remarkable performance.

Promotion of Karting

In 2013, for the very first time in its history, CIK-FIA assembled a marketer, WSK Promotion, to perfect the organization of major worldwide karting competitors. The Swiss team RGMC is currently the official marketer of the European and also globe FIA Karting Championships for the period 2018-2020 (except for Super kart and also Stamina). They are attempting to enhance the target market for the competitions of Karting all over the world, new companions ₤ and also work in close collaboration with Aseng (Nationwide Federations), these are the priorities of the group RGMM. They additionally create media communication and also protection of events by offering online aesthetic video throughout occasions and partnering with for global distribution.