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FKS driver Jack Tritton completes solo 8 hour charity endurance race

Jack Tritton, who competed this year in Super FKS, organised the fundraising event to raise funds for our friends Stephen Kershaw and Rob Wilson who compete in the Formula 1 Sidecar British Championship. The Kershaw Racing Team had an accident while racing at Knockhill in Scotland and both were seriously injured, but Robs injuries are sadly life changing, so as part of the sidecar family Jack wanted to help them and raise funds to help the families and with the rehabilitation of his friends.

On the 29th November Kartrak Cromer held an 8 hour endurance race.  There was 9 teams with 8 people maximum to a team and Jack who wanted to complete the whole 8 hours on his own.  Whilst fundraising for Jack to compete in the 2015 Formula kart Stars the Sidecar Paddock supported Jack and donated a substantial amount of money, so Jack wanted to give something back by getting people to sponsor him to do this.  Jacks efforts added approx. £300 to the pot.

Each team had to make a minimum of 7, 2 minute pitstops throughout the 8 hours, but as Jack was on his own he could store up his pitstops and make slightly longers stops when he needed to.

As the race got underway Jack completed 3 hours before he made his first stop for a quick drink and something to eat before he was on his way again, he was in for a total of 8 minutes. The weather throughout  was mostly wet with about an hour and half in the middle when it wasn’t raining.

About 5 and half hours into the race the rain was so heavy the track started to flood and Jacks kart got a bit water logged and cut out, Jack got out of his kart and ran back to the pits with it so as not to lose too much time and while his dad sorted it out Jack used this time as his pit stop for food and drink and to get a dry helmet with a clear visor as it was now dark and gloves.  Jack was in for 6 minutes before he was on his way again.

Jack made no more stops until the chequered flag, He had completed the 8 hours with a total of 620 Laps, over 200 miles with just 14 minutes stop time.  Throughout the whole 8 hours Jacks laptime were consistent, he never let off no matter what the weather conditions.

Jack finished 18 laps in front of theother teams, but was not technically in the results, he didn’t want to take the win away from the others and the Karttrak Cromer Team took 1st place.  He was wet and absolutely filthy but still smiling, and certainly not looking like he had just done 8 hours!!

Article provided by Jack Tritton