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An interview with: Super Cadet Harry Thompson

The opening weekend at Whilton Mill was really a story of two tales for Super Cadet driver Harry Thompson. What ever Harry did that week to give himself some bad luck it certainly worked! Harry started on pole for Saturday’s final after taking two wins and a 6th in the heats, however he was unable to start the race after his fuel pump detached itself from his kart on the warm up lap.

Harry quickly moved on from this and looked to put things right on Sunday which was exactly what he did! He poled it in qualifying before winning all three heats so it was fair to say you wouldn’t of bet against him for the final. But the unthinkable happened again in the final this time it was the throttle cable that gave up on Harry leaving him yet again watching from the sidelines.

So overall it was potentially two wins dropped for Harry and he left thinking what could of been. With all this in mind we decided to have a catch up with Harry to reflect on his weekend and see how that’s effected his championship challenge.

FKS: Tell us how you felt after Saturdays final?

HT: I was really gutted but I just put it behind me, these things happen so I just focused on Sunday straight away. That’s what I did won all 3 heats started pole and then coming out of the pits and my throttle cable come off!

FKS: And how about after Sunday when trouble came again?

HT: I couldn’t really believe my luck and I was really disappointed but there’s still 10 rounds to go so it’s not the end of the world.

FKS: Do you think you were robbed of two wins?

HT: I think I would of had a great chance to win both finals I can’t say I would of for sure but I certainly would have been in with a shout.

FKS: Do you think this has affected your championship challenge?

HT: I’m not really thinking about the championship right now. I still had really good heats which should give me a good place in the standings. That’s at the back of my head at the moment for now I’m just focused on Silverstone.

FKS: Aside from the disappointing finals, what did you enjoy most about the weekend?

HT: I really enjoyed  the weekend overall I really liked the even equipment, the awnings and how everyone had the same and the way the whole event was run.

FKS: What is the biggest difference in the Super Cadet engine to what your normally used to

HT: I really love the super cadet engine it’s a lot faster to what I’m used to! It was actually the first time I had driven it at Whilton. The biggest difference for me is the corner entry speed so I had to change my braking points slightly but it didn’t take me long to get used to.

FKS: Who do you see as your main rivals for this season?

HT: My main rivals for this season are probably Dexter Patterson who is fast everywhere he goes and Se’og Martin who has proven he can be a front runner.

FKS: Looking at the calendar what tracks do you think you’ll be strong at?

HT: I love going to new tracks so I’m really looking forward to going to Silverstone especially as no one’s been there before it’s going to make it a lot more exciting. Another track I’m looking forward to is Nutts Corner.